The artisan workshop

The opening of the section “The artisan’s workshop”, in September 2011, made it possible to expose many of the ethnological elements that the Museum had stored in its warehouses. Those elements had been donated since the opening date of the Museum, in 2004, by several knife making families who had closed their workshops or who had tools and implements that belonged to their ancestors.

There are many elements, tools, implements, machinery, accessories, etc. that are stored to display them in temporary and travelling exhibitions organized by the Museum. All these different elements have been previously catalogued and restored for the proper preservation.

To highlight some of the pieces that form the Museum’s ethnological collection, we could mention the collection of romanas (steelyard balances), manufactured in Madrigueras and donated by Jesús Vico Monteoliva. These steelyard balances were punched or marked by manufacturers of Albacete, a population that stood out for the production of this type of pieces and which later has played an important role in the production of professional knives and kitchen knives.

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