The Knives Room

Javier Conde Catena Collection

This room displays knives, poniards, daggers and push daggers ranging from the 17th to the 20th century, most of them made by craftsmen of Albacete.

The first reports about the knife makers in Albacete back to the sixteenth century. In the seventeenth century there were 64 knife makers, according to the researcher Rafael Martínez del Peral, and the population was estimated at less than 5,000 inhabitants.

In the eighteenth century, although the documents reveal that the knife making sector still does not seem to be prominent in the city, it can be concluded that there was an important activity in view of the pieces dating from this period that we can see today. Moreover, Albacete is recognized abroad as one of the most important knife making populations in Spain -with at least 80 knife makers- concentrated in the streets called “Zapateros”, “San Agustín” and “Feria”.
In the nineteenth century, Albacete is already known, without any doubt, as a knife making city. In that century, the products are still made in the artisan way and, it is not until the twentieth century, when the industrial process unfolds completely, influenced by the French and German knife making industries.

This exhibition has been possible thanks to the selfless collaboration of the collector Javier Conde Catena, very knowledgeable and passionate about knives, who has dedicated part of his life to seek unique pieces for his collections.

The Knives Hall has the support of ARCOS BROTHERS, company that has sponsored the equipment of the room.

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