The Spanish Knife Making

Spain has always been a land of craftsmen and knife makers and one of the most important countries in the world within the knife making sector. The Spanish folding knives and knives have a special seal of guarantee that differentiates them from those manufactured in other places. The steel and the perfect tempering, the quality of the wood, the antlers and the noble materials used to make the handles and, above all, the mastery of the Spanish craftsmen result in pieces very attractive for the tourism and sought after by collectors from all over the world.

The showcases of this section display the work of some traditional Spanish workshops, unfortunately disappeared in recent years. You can also see the knife making works that are currently carried out by new artisans who bring fresh air and renewed efforts while ensuring the survival of this sector.

The Municipal Museum of Knives is grateful with the craftsmen and manufacturers who are represented in this section and acknowledges the generosity of their families and friends, because this section would not have been possible without their donations.

Populations represented: 33
Number of exhibited pieces: 105
Number of craftsmen and industrial participants in the exhibition: 72

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